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logo smMy Eddies is a small-batch kitchen providing fresh cannabis-infused "made-from-scratch" cookies exclusively to our Members in the Maritimes. We use the very best ingredients including MyEddies own cannabutter and canna-oil. Yummy and fun !

MMMMMMMM... Cookie Row

Reeses Pieces Cookie
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Crunch
White Chocolate Pecan  Fudge "Brownie" Cookie
Reeses Pieces Cookie oatmeal cookie3 oatmeal cookie oatmeal cookie oatmeal cookie oatmeal cookie

logo smWe do not mass produce our products and therefore quantities are limited. We currently offer our products and services exclusively to a small group of customers that love their My Eddies cookies. We invite you to tell us a bit about yourself and sign up for a free My Eddies membership.

ABOUT MyEddies

We've been baking cannabis infused edibles for several years for ourselves and a very loyal group of customers. We greatly appreciate the feedback provided by our customers. This has allowed our cannabis cookie recipes to evolve to achieve the terrific flavour and balanced potency that we're known for. 

We recently made the decision to produce and market our products commercially when edibles eventally become legal in Canada. In the meantime we want to continue to supply our existing customers with great tasting fresh cannabis edibles and introduce our products in new markets.

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Our cookies are made from scratch and we use the best quality ingredients. No preservatives. The recipes are what you would call "traditional", as are the flavours we offer. We use cannabis infused butter and coconut oil that we make ourselves from cannabis sourced from a local grower we have know and respected for years. Cannabis strains that we are currently using.. Trainwreck and Blue Dream.



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QUANTITY PRICE Price per Cookie
The MyEddies Six Pack !
$ 30.00 $   5.00
Typical Serving/Dosage is 1 Cookie
Less Experienced Users Serving/Dosage is 1/2 Cookie


We haven't had the cookies lab tested for THC content so that information is not available. Eventually, of course, we will have this testing done and will be happy to publish the results. Until then, the best we can do is relate what our customers tell us (actual comments from our members)..

  • "The edibles have been great. I've had 3 so far and they are the perfect potency for me. They also taste amazing and I love that they were still warm when you delivered them."
  • "I'd like to put an order in for your Fudge Brownies. I gave one to my boss who suffers from a type of disease that affects your spine and the pain goes down to legs. He ate two of them at once, and felt great, it eased the pain, so now he wants a whole dozen for himself, lol"
  • "just wanted to let you know the cookies  were very tasty. And on top of that the potency was spot on! Will be looking forward to ordering more soon!"

Our cookies are made so that new users can have a good time (half a cookie) and more experienced users won't be disappointed (whole cookie). They won't knock you out but they give you a very nice buzz for hours.


My Eddies

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